Mari is an email worm that first surfaced in 2001, and affects systems running Windows 95/98/ME. It was written in visual basic, and because of this it needs VB runtime libraries to be installed in order for it to execute.


When run, Mari will copy itself to the Windows root directory and mark itself to run on startup in the registry. It will then change the computer's registered user to "I'm a pot head!" and changes the organization to "Stoner's pot palace." It also changes the internet explorer titlebar to "Marijuana Explorer", and adds a marijuana leaf icon to the system tray.

When the user clicks the system tray icon, a message box appears (pictured above) with the titlebar "IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ" and containing the text:

I think i speak for every pot smoker in North America when i say "Legalize Marijuana"...I mean if people with AIDS, 
Cancer and other deaises (sic) can use it then why cant the rest of us (pot smokers) use it? I dont think that's
very fair (Do you?) If it's legal to grow and use in places like Australia (for personal use) then why not in 
North America? If doctors are using it as a treatment for illness then it must not be *THAT* harmful (So why can't
other people use it?), I really do think the federal government should consider legalization of marijuana. Well 
that's really all i have to say on the matter, but i do hope somebody, somewhere listens to what i have to say and
does not just regard this as just another "virus" because It's more than that, it's a message, a message for 
freedom to smoke up and have the chose (sic) to do so *WITHOUT* fear of punishment from thelaw and the government.
Thank you for your time.

When the worm is present in memory, it is constantly checking the time, and if it is 4:20, it displays a message box with the text "It's 4:20, time to toke up :)".


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