This page is a policy on the Malware Wiki. All rules listed on this policy page must be followed, or a block is given to the following user. Due to this page being a Policy page, we advise all users to read this page before editing.
  • If the user adds information to the page, the user must research the information.
    • This means the edit must have accurate information, no exceptions.
  • All pages that are dangerous websites that are still active and pages that tell the reader how to activate the Malware must be tagged with the {{NotResponsible}} Template.
  • All information that is being put into the page must be properly researched first.
    • This is an exception if the information is already confirmed.
  • Please note that "the user" should be used instead of "you".

All information that is not accurate will have the following user warned. Redoing that edit will result in a 3 day block.