Maldal (also known as Email-Worm.Win32.Maldal) is a worm on Microsoft Windows that spreads via email.

Part of its payloads pays a contribution to other viruses like 000.exe and DeepUnder.

Payload Edit

When executed, it attempts to mass mail itself, and then makes over 10,000 copies of its icon on the desktop. These copied icons aren't just renamed shortcuts, as they produce their own files in the C:\ drive, taking up memory and space. Most of these copied icons cannot be seen normally on the desktop. Also, rather than the copies being named "maldal.exe", the copies are instead named "Sharoon(randomnumber).exe" or "Bush (randomnumber).exe, and other names. The massive amount of icons on the desktop makes the computer start to slowdown, to the point where the user can't do much. During the payload, Control-Alt-Delete is disabled, so the user cannot easily disable the worm. Disk cleanup does not do well, as it mostly only cleanups no data. The payload lasts until it makes around 10,000 copies or until there is no space left on the C:\ drive.

Removal Edit

To remove the virus, the user would open up the command prompt, and type "Dir /w", after the listing is done, the user would then have to type in "del *.exe", and then the files would all slowly be deleted. However, this only deletes half of the worm, the user would have to delete all the files of it left in the C:\ drive.

Media Edit

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