Virus.DOS.Lucas.1871 or Lucas is a parasitic encrypted virus that runs on MS-DOS.


When the virus is run, it infects all the DOS executable files in current directory, except COMMAND.COM. It first writes the decryption routine to the file beginning, and encrypts itself, then it appends the encrypted code to the end of the file.

Advanced details

This virus does not stay memory resident.

MD5 hash:



When an infected program is run, the virus displays an ASCII picture and the messages scrolling at the bottom of the screen:

It is a time of Civil War. Using fear and intimidation, the Empire seeks to impose a New Order on the galaxy.
Only the Rebel Alliance stands in the way of their evil plans.
Not yet willing to confront the Empire directly, the Rebels are marshalling their forces in secrecy.
Even now a group of their prized Calamari Cruisers is being intercepted by a squadron of Imperial Star Destroyers.
The Rebel Fleet is outnumbered but, they have a surprise... the X-Wing Starfighter!

The user must wait for it to done before running the host program.





Lucas DOS Virus

Lucas DOS Virus

Lucas virus review by danooct1