Lose/Lose is a Joke Program game designed to run on MacOS systems. When played, each enemy killed destroys a file.

Windows versions came out but it doesn't work the same. When the user first enters the game it will warn them first about it. All the important text is highlighted in red or white font color. In the warning background there are red dots on a black screen. Aliens will appear in blue, green, yellow, tan, pink, and other colours. It will display text in the bottom square saying the user's name as well as documents. At the top it will say the score and points. The aliens have health bars that slowly go down when the user shoots at them.



The main screen of the virus.


How the virus deletes files.

Lose/Lose is a dangerous Joke Program that deletes files. When the game is loaded, the main screen states that the game deletes files in the title to warn the player of what they are about to do. Once any key is pressed, the game will start, and the player will try to kill the aliens and earn points. However, it will delete files upon doing so by running rm -r on that file. If the player makes it very far in the game, it has the potential to even delete system files, and prevent the system from booting upon next reboot, resulting in a prohibitory symbol or folder with a question mark, forcing the user to re-install the OS.


  • Owing to how the program runs, there is a chance it will delete itself while the user is playing, as its executable file isn't safe from the game's deletion mechanic.
  • Running it on a virtual machine will stop it deleting files on the user's host computer if it has shared folders enabled and connected, even if it is Windows or Linux. It is possible to have the host operating system be destroyed if the game is run for long and it successfully deletes a startup file. This instead results in a kernel panic (for Linux) or an error screen (for Windows).
  • Lose/Lose gained popularity after Joel from Vinesauce played the game in his Mac Destruction stream.


Trojan Horse Game (Mac OS X) Lose Lose (3,000 Subscribers Special)23:51

Trojan Horse Game (Mac OS X) Lose Lose (3,000 Subscribers Special)

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