Lentin (also known as Email-Worm.Win32.Lentin) is a worm on Microsoft Windows. It spreads via email.


When the application is executed, wavy-like text appears, in different numbers, they all change, some text may appear to be smaller, while some other text appear to be bigger. All of the text are in different colors as well. The screen also shakes as well. The text changes at random. There are four different text the worm can display:

U r so cute today #!#!
True Love never ends
I like U very much!!
U r My Best Friend

When the user clicks outside the text, the text stops. However, the worm is then loaded in the computer itself. Whenever the user opens an application, a message pops up and alerts the user that the friendship screen saver has encountered a problem and needs to close. Other times however, the message might not display at all. Instead, an error window pops up, saying that the application the user is trying to run cannot be found. The only way around this, is if the user renames the application they are trying to run to "lentin.scr".