Virus.DOS.TPE.Kela.4568 also known as the Kela-17, is a memory resident parasitic polymorphic TPE-based and encrypted virus on DOS.


When the virus is loaded into memory, it first infects C:\COMMAND.COM, followed by hooking INT 21h and infects any executable that is run.

Under CHKDSK the files may appear an allocation error due to their size changes, while it is not observable as long as the virus stays memory resident.

Advanced details

The virus occupies 9,760 bytes when staying memory resident.

MD5 hash:



When an infected program is run on Friday 13th, it runs itself with a video effect.

Other details

Both of the size of the original sample or that in infected files are not equal to 4,568 bytes, even it is called as TPE.Kela.4568 in alias.

The virus contains the encrypted internal text strings:

[TPE 1.3]
This is KELA-17 version virus.
KELA-17 very nice virus . Ha Ha HaHa
KELA - 17
TPE, KELA. Copyright (c) 1994 by KELA. All Rights Reserved. KELA

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