FANDOM is a browser hijacker that gets promoted via other free and fake downloads. Once installed through something, it redirects your browser homepage as well as default search engine to It also creates random Window shortcuts on your desktop and windows start menu. will display advertisements and sponsored links in your search results and collect data from your search queries. It is a boost to advertisements and to redirect traffic to some sites, to improve the page ranking of that site. It is a browser hijacker that redirects your searches to some websites that it promotes. Your home page, default search engine and new tab page will be changed without your consent. Your original browser settings will be altered and the virus keeps redirecting your programmed queries to some random sites that they advertise. If your computer has virus redirections for a longer time, then there are very high chances that your computer will be attacked by more viruses. Advertising links they display might be malicious sometimes and your computer may be attacked by harmful viruses like trojans.


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