Virus.Multi.Implant is a very dangerous MBR infecting virus on DOS, it is written by Griyo from 29A.


When the virus is run, it writes a special routine into the MBR, which is used for the second payload.


After infecting the MBR, it displays a high quality 16-bit image followed by a beep. The picture might be done with an optimized 16-bit palette color. After that it will return to DOS after a keypress.

For the second payload, if the PC is rebooted, the special routine is run, which would erase the disk sectors.


This family has 7 variants in total:

  • Virus.Multi.Implant.5976
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.5991
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.6128
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.6144
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.6147
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.6187
  • Virus.Multi.Implant.6200

Other details

Currently it is unknown that how the virus spread and it does not infect any executable file during runtime.


Implant DOS Virus00:52

Implant DOS Virus

Implant virus review by danooct1

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