IMG 0942 is a Trojan that infects iOS devices. This Trojan doesn't contain any damaging payloads, but it will hang the user's system until it is hard reset.


IMG 0942 is a 5-second video in which makes any iOS versions 5 to 10.1 to crash or hang.

The video displays the following texts:

​HONEY, SWEET 秒抱 Heroong 作品

The video file will not operate its payload on Microsoft Windows, Android, or Linux-based systems.

Newer versions of iOS such as 10.2 onward aren't affected with this type of Trojan. The video file will play as normal.


Whenever a user sees the entire video, their iOS device will experience a slowdown in which leads to a hang.


The user will need to perform a hard reset on their device.


This Video Will CRASH ANY iPhone!

This Video Will CRASH ANY iPhone!

IMG 0942

IMG 0942