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Hurr-Durr is a virus on Microsoft Windows that exploits browser vulnerabilities. It works on Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.


The virus has two versions - the website itself and an executable.


When the website is visited, it displays an animated image of a dancing dog and plays an audio file. The web browser may move around the screen, and, when the close button is pressed, it displays infinite dialog boxes. This is very similar to the You Are An Idiot virus, though it does not bog the computer's memory, though it can still get annoying after a while.

It also displays random dialog boxes and they cannot be closed. The virus does not block Task Manager or Alt+F4; this issue can be resolved by using Task Manager, unlike You Are An Idiot.

Hurr-Durr does not work on Microsoft Edge - whenever it tries to move, it causes the page to "load a long running script" and causes the tab (but not the browser) to hang. It also fails to display messages as the tab hangs before it can.



HurrDurr.exe Windows Trojan

The executable version is made by Gigabyte_Forever, and it shares some payloads from MEMZ and PCToaster. It tries to open the Hurr-Durr Website and many other applications. After that, it tries to delete System32 and the Registry, and then terminate "lsass.exe" to reboot the computer after one minute. After reboot, Windows will fail to start due to deleted files and registry entries.

Activating Hurr-DurrEdit

To activate the virus (website, not executable), all the user must do is to go to the website ( Gigabyte_Forever does not accept any requests for the executable.

Please note we take no responsibility for what happens, thank you.


Internet Explorer: If you are running this website on Internet Explorer, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and run task manager and stop iexplorer.exe.

Chrome/Firefox: Simply click the Close button on your browser.

External linksEdit in action on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

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