Hurr-Durr is a joke program website with a trojan (executable) which infects on Microsoft Windows that exploits browser vulnerabilities. It works on Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.



When the website is visited, it displays an animated image of a dancing dog and plays an audio file. The browser window moves randomly, this functionality only works on Internet Explorer, and may not work on other browsers. Whenever a user attempts to close the tab or window, it generates a never ending dialog box, which prevents the browser from being closed. This is very similar to the You Are An Idiot virus, although it does not bog the computer's memory, it can still get annoying after a while.

It displays random dialog boxes and they cannot be closed. The virus does not block Task Manager or Alt+F4; this issue can be resolved by using Task Manager, unlike You Are An Idiot.

On Firefox, the tab (and possibly the whole browser) is hung and impossible to close.

Hurr-Durr's payload may not work on browsers other than Internet Explorer. If attempting to visit the website on Microsoft Edge, either close the tab or the window will result in a hang, if other tabs are open, the tab will freeze about 5 seconds, then will be closed. On Firefox, the window will also be hung, the only way to stop this, is to end Firefox's task in Task Manager.



HurrDurr.exe Windows Trojan

The executable version is made by TechologicalByte (Gigabyte_Forever), and it shares some payloads from MEMZ and PCToaster. It attempts to open the Hurr-Durr Website and many other applications. After that, it tries to delete System32 and the registry, and then terminate "lsass.exe" to reboot the computer after a minute. After reboot, Windows will fail to start due to deleted files and registry entries. This is only recoverable if a user restores their PC with a Windows Image, or reinstalling the OS.

Removal ProcessEdit

Internet Explorer: Open Task Manager, navigate to details (if running Windows 8, onward) or processes (if running Windows 2000 onward to 7), then find the process iexplore.exe and terminate the process.

Chrome/Firefox: Simply click the Close button on your browser.

Microsoft Edge: Usually when you close the page with Hurr-Durr, it may take awhile for the tab or browser window to close.

External linksEdit

Hurr-Durr virus (website version) in action with Microsoft Edge

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