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Welcome to The Malware Encyclopedia.
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The Malware Encyclopedia

Welcome to The Malware Encyclopedia, the wikia resource for information on computer malware, worms and any self-replicating programs.

We are proud to announce our 100th entry, Zerobug! While our focus for now will continue to be on adding accurate content, this milestone reminds us that we must soon work on making the wiki more "wiki-like", before the wiki becomes unmanageble and unnavigable. HELP US NOT MAKE IT LIKE THAT!

Before editing any pages, we suggest that first-time users check out the Help pages. They are still mostly works in progress, but they can still provide some guidance in writing good entries, as well as inform readers about our rules and standards. And also, you can contact our admins: Seanbot582,Gree443,TheMaster001 and Alles Sandro.

Currently, we have 778 pages on this wiki.


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