Graphictoria was an "Old ROBLOX" simulator created by EnergyCell for Microsoft Windows, though it was filled with malware that infected many ROBLOX Users. Graphictoria was released after the close of "Nobelium", which was a seperate Old ROBLOX simulator. The "Finobe" community (another Old ROBLOX simulator) exposed EnergyCell, after that Graphictoria was closed, but the damage was already done.

Some users have said it is a keylogger made to steal passwords that are saved in the user's Chrome browser. However, it does something suspicious with the Windows Firewall. When downloaded, the program asks the user if it can edit the Windows Firewall, if they click "Cancel", the game will work normally without problem. If the user selects "Yes", it steals the user's IP address, and the IP address will be sent to the Discord server of Graphictoria. With the user's IP, it can DDOS the user and remove MalwareBytes from their PC.


The user should make sure they have a backup antivirus if they have MalwareBytes. If the user selects 'yes' to the popup, MalwareBytes is removed from the PC. Their malware should be uninstalled and clean their computer with a seperate, trusted antivirus.

Graphictoria is downloaded from the (now deleted) webpage. When the user finishes setting up the client, it will be blocked by the firewall. Allowing access will allow the program to grab the user's IP and give it to Energycell via a bot.

Energycell, the creator, is known for faking suicide attempts and impersonating siblings, friends and family.

Energycell uses the IPs grabbed from people against them, they hold the information over their head as a form of blackmail.

Energycells version

Energycell, the creator of the so called safe old roblox simulator, "Graphictoria" claims that he never asked for administrator permissions or firewall permissions (which unfortunately was a lie) and he claims he did not take anybodys ip address or DDos anyone. He denies all claims made against him accusing him of faking suicide and even distributing child pornography. Energycells discord account was banned (last time i checked) and he even used alternative accounts (like his faked "sister" or "girlfriend" accounts) on discord. All accusations against Energycell are true and its a shame to see this happen.