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Goggle (or (not to be mistaken for is a site appearing when one mistypes the URL "" and was active during 2004-2008. Once it is accessed, the domain would instantly download several viruses and other malware along with various pop-ups, some pornographic. Among the malware it drops to the victim's computer it also drops SpySheriff and all the malware together has the potential to destroy the computer afterwards. Now it is a survey that one can take in order to win popular gadgets such as an iPhone and although this may be a scam, the survey was taken down in either 2012 or 2013. As of 2016, the survey is back, but instead of the free iPhone scam at the end, it redirects to a free movie site based in Cyprus. However, if you remove everything after "registration" in the URL for that site, it turns out to actually be a game host. It can not infect you on iPhone, however. Lately the site has been turned into a shopping site, although all of its entries are just redirects to Amazon entries.
What happens when u go to goggle01:38

What happens when u go to SCARY VIRUS MUST SEE

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