Gmail Email-Worm was an email worm that spreaded out, it will affect 0.1% of Gmail Users in May 3rd, 2017, the worm became viral of an internet.


A user invited you to view the document but it says "Open in Doc" but if you click it, you will lose your data or it will post automatically someone (or something)

Here's from CNBC when ask if you open the Doc:

Don't worry if you accidentally opened that Google Doc that was floating around yesterday.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, here's a quick brief: On Wednesday, a worm started spreading around Gmail that suggested to users a friend or colleague was trying to share a Google Doc.

It was a classic phishing scam wherein an attacker tries to gain your information by tricking you into opening something. If you opened the document, you were asked to give permission for it to access your account. Then it sent itself out to everyone in your address book. Oops.

Did you do that?

If so, don't worry too much. Google says it has already disabled the offending accounts (only 0.1 percent were affected), and that it was able to stop the worm within an hour. A Google spokesperson also said "there's no further action users need to take regarding this event; users who want to review third party apps connected to their account can visit Google Security Checkup."

Since it's not quite clear what sort of information that phishing attack could have grabbed, it's still a good idea to make some changes. We should take this event as a reminder that we're all potentially vulnerable to attack, even when the attack is disguised as an email from a friend or family member. 

Here's what to do to keep yourself safe and how to access Google's Security Checkup.