Finobe is an old Roblox video game that is able to accommodate many players and is compatible with Microsoft Windows. However, the game injects two trojans into the user's computer that typically aren't very harmful, but will do some damage if the user clicks on them without knowing how to cease the injected programs' malicious activities. These won't occur in normal play, however, This renders the program a false positive to anyone playing without malicious intent.

In their short-lived 2007 version of the game, the game client could be exploited to take control of things like Windows Powershell. However, the client was removed shortly after this vulnerability was found and is now not harmful.

Finobe is not very harmful. It can be deleted on restart, but it does not allow the user to delete itself with Task Manager.

Finobe's logo

If the user is to use cheat engine, a non-harmful (wherein the virus doesn't permanently effect the user's computer) payload of MEMZ will occur. This can be resolved with a restart. However, since December 24, the payload has been removed. The game will now immediately shut down if a cheat engine was opened.