Festering Hate
Type Virus
Creator  ?
Date Discovered 1986?
Place Isolated  ?
Date Isolated 1988?
Source Language  ?
Platform Apple, ProDOS
Infection Length
Reported costs

Festering Hate is an Apple, ProDOS virus.


Festering Hate was the last iteration of the CyberAIDS code-base and seems to have bridged the virus from underground pirate BBS systems to the mainstream, by way of a shareware telecommunications application called Zlink. In fact, the original impression was that Zlink itself was nothing but a Trojan horse that delivered a viral payload.

During the spread of CyberAIDS, there were apparently a variety of Apple II programmers of the time who wrote virus detection software and sold it to protect people from Apple ProDOS viruses. Since the only viruses that existed at the time (and the only viruses that such programs would detect) were CyberAIDS and Festering Hate, the "Kool/Rad Alliance" appears to have released the final version of the code-base to include a sarcastic taunt directed at Glen Bredon, one of the programmers who was selling anti-virus software.

The last strain of the CyberAIDS/Festering Hate variants appears to have been released in 1988 and was fixed by Morgan Davis, who put an end to feud between the "Kool/Rad Alliance" and the writers of anti-virus software by releasing VirusMD for free. Even so, within months VirusMD became a commercial product. By this point the authors of the CyberAIDS and Festering Hate code-base appear to have lost interest in their virus and the Apple II platform itself.

[WOP] -666-  FESTERING HATE  -666- [FOG]
W| The Good News: You now have a copy |F
o|  of one of the  greatest programs  |r
r|    that has ever  been created!    |i
s|  The Bad News:  It's quite likely  |e
h| that it's the only program you now |n
i|      have in your possession.      |d
p|  Hey Glen!  We sincerely hope our  | 
e|  royalty checks  are in the mail!  |o
r|  Seeing how we're making you rich  |f
s|  by providing a  market for virus  | 
 |        detection  software!        |G
f|Elect LORD DIGITAL as God committee!|e
P|  )/>  The Kool/Rad Alliance!  <\(  | 
a| Rancid Grapefruit -- Cereal Killer |B
r| This program is made possible by a |e
i| grant  from  Pig's  Knuckle  ELITE |d
c| Research.  Orderline: 313/534-1466 |o
k======[(C) 1988 ELECTRONIC ARTS]======n

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