EscalationBomb is a trojan on Microsoft Windows. This trojan never entered the wild, as it was only a trojan made for YouTuber danooct1.

The trojan itself is activated without warning.

When the trojan is activated, the trojan's payloads will be triggered on certain dates.

Payloads Edit

Payload 1 Edit

This payload activates in October. This payload makes the background glitch up into multiple backgrounds moving while it is flashing. If the user opens a window, that window will replace the image on the background until it is closed.

Payload 2 Edit

Payload 2 does almost the same as Payload 1, as it also causes the background to glitch up, but makes the background move more wave-like.

Payload 3 Edit

In this payload, if the user opens a window, it takes a screenshot and sets it as the user's background.

Payload 4 Edit

This is the last known payload of the virus that activates on Friday the 13th. It first ejects the user's C:\ drive (similar to PCToaster), thus resulting in many programs not working. It will try to do this while the trojan is loading to corrupt the startup files. A successful attempt will result in when the user reboots, there will be either a booting error, or a Blue Screen of Death. Either way, the user has to fix the PC with startup repair or a repair CD. Due to exploit fixing, this is the only payload that can't be run on Windows 10, unlike PCToaster, which works on all versions of Windows.

Media Edit

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