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How Much Malware Can You Get From

How much Malware you can get from is a file downloading site that is notorious for containing downloads bundled with adware. The site itself is harmless, as long as the user doesn't download anything. Usually some downloads are harmless. If you don't abuse the "Free" or "No Virus" title. Some downloads with these titles, are big bundles of malicious code.  

Its adware reputation makes it a very untrustful downloading site. You may come across bundles of hacks that are useful. But don't hope for the best. There are many programs that can send your computer into tragedy. If you ever come across something "goody" don't expect it in it's glory. Some softwares from this try to hide their viruses by scamming you. Sometimes you have to pay for these programs

What To Do When You Get TrappedEdit

Don't worry there is a solution. Use a threat scan from Malware Bytes etc. . They will surely track the real viruses. Then get the AntiVirus software to delete the actual threats. Sometimes you will get countdowns to stop the adware. Make sure when this happens to remove the file as quickly as possible.


Never stumble across this site. Though I tested it on Google and it didn't work. It hasn't been tested on Firefox , Opera , and Chrome

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