DirtyGuy is a trojan on DOS that activates by displaying a message in Dutch, then waiting for the user to hit Enter. When enter is pressed, the trojan plays an alarm to attract attention to the computer and hangs the machine.
  • First message: If you want to see desirable ladies, quickly press Enter
  • Second Message: A dirty guy is working on this computer !!!!!


  • Trojan:DOS/DirtyGuy.A
  • DirtyGuy.Trojan
  • enter/Troj
  • WorkingGuy
  • Suspicious-DirtyGuy.B-This variant overwrites autoexec.bat and WIN.COM.
  • Suspicious-DirtyGuy.A
  • SUSP_DirtyGuy.D-This variant spread through email.
  • Trojan:DOS:DirtyGuy.C-Erases the CMOS settings.