DiA is a virus creator from Germany, associated with the "Ready Rangers Liberation Front" virus coder group. He was the editor of the rRlf magazine for issues 5 to 7. DiA has also contributed to the Electrical Ordered Freedom (issues 1 and 2) and 29A (issue 7) magazines.


DiA became interested in computer viruses after seeing a television news segment on the dangers of virus creation kits. He downloaded some creation kits using a friend's computer (having no internet access of his own at the time) and created some viruses with them. He briefly lost interest , but a half-year later, a message appeared on his computer from a virus he had created, once again peaking his interest.

DiA joined the Ready Rangers Liberation Front in 2004.05.13 when he was 17. He was the editor of the rRlf magazine for issues 5 to 7.

DiA primarily codes viruses in assembly language. They are all proof-of-concept viruses, never released into the wild. Since the disbanding of the rRlf group, DiA has not coded a virus.

His name is related to the word "Diabolo".


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