CursorMania is a trojan toolbar on Microsoft Windows, that changes the user's cursor.

According to the signatures of BitDefender, it is a toolbar Trojan.

CursorMania allows the user to change the appearance of their cursor, from a range of swords, animals and even religious culture.

CursorMania's popularity came from a video from YouTuber and Live Streamer Vinesauce Joel, who downloaded the trojan for his video "[Vinesauce] Joel - Windows 7 Destruction" which was uploaded on the 13th September 2014 and has around 3,500,000 views as of April 2018.


CursorMania, when downloaded, adds a toolbar on to the user's browser. It affects browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. When the toolbar is added, it gives the user a trojan and usually makes the cursor disappear and slow down the computer. If the user has Opera or Internet Explorer the user will be added to a botnet called DragonDog, that will change the home page to a fake page that is similar to the original page.

There have been different ways to change the appearance of a cursor, but CursorMania was one of the more popular ways, despite being the least effective.

The toolbar would connect the user to a botnet called DragonDog, which would affect browsers like Internet Explorer to change the user's homepage to fake YouTube and Facebook websites, Club Penguin and PC Optimizer Pro.