Crash Safari is a trojan on that can run on iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, Android and Mac OS X.


The payload varies based on the operating system:

  • If it is ran on iOS, it will freeze the browser until it eventually crashes and makes Siri disappear as well as making the zoom feature stop working and recover a few seconds later.
  • If ran on Windows or Mac OS X, the webpage may cause the browser to freeze or hang.
  • If ran on the Nintendo 3DS browser, it will open numerous new tabs, which will cause the device to lag or freeze. This also disables the user to go back to previous tabs, as the Nintendo 3DS browser auto switches to the latest opened tab. The browser on New Nintendo 3DS systems is immune, as it just tries to load the page forever.
  • If ran on a Android browser like Chrome or Webview, the app will freeze up for a second and then exit out to the previous app and displaying a message box like this:

unfortunately {browser app} has stopped

X Close app

! Send feedback

  • If the payload fails to do it's job, the webpage will just sit there and display in bold text "What were you expecting?" and may eventually get it's revenge later on.

Removal (3DS/2DS)

Press Menu, press the wrench icon, scroll down, and then press the Clear History button.