The consumer alert system (sometimes known as CAS or the ConsumerAlertSystem) is a spyware/adware program for Microsoft Windows that delivers advertisements to a personal computer's desktop. The program has been criticized by users for privacy issues and hijackings of computers.[1] However, the program is considered very low-risk.


The program has been criticized for its ability to make computers open to hijacking and privacy issues. This is known widely over the Internet and forums[1]


The program will display pop-up advertising,[2] and can open pop-under windows. [3]


As with almost any spyware or adware program, the CAS can be installed by installing a program. Also, the program can be installed from the manufacturer's website for packaging with a different program's file. This is also a common way of installing spyware or adware.


According to Sophos, protection has been available since 17 October 2006[2], thus it can be presumed that this bug is fairly new.


CAS is considered very low risk by SpywareGuide[3], because an uninstallation link is readily available at the manufacturer's website, and that it has no effect on the performance on the user's computer, except the system may run slightly slower due to the pop-up windows.