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Clinton Haines
Birth Name Clinton Haines
Birth Date 1976.04.10
Birth Place Queensland, Australia
Gender Male
Death Date 1997.04.10 (Aged 21)
Death Place St Lucia, Brisbane
Nationality Australian
Years active
Other Names Harry Mcungus, TerminatorZ and TaLon
Notable Malware(s) NoFrills, Dudley and 1984 virusees
Total Damage Caused

Clinton Haines also known as TaLon, Harry McBungus and TerminatorZ was a virus author from Australia. He attended Ipswich Grammar School, and wrote his first virus in the early 90s.


Two of his viruses "NoFrills" and "Dudley" viruses both infected major companies for a short period of time. The virus "NoFrills" infected the Australian Tax Office, an Anti-Virus manager "Len Grooves" commented that the virus was mediocre, and pointed out multiple errors in coding. He also said he would not hire this author to write a virus. ATO shut down a total of 15,000 computers to prevent spreading.

His virus "Dudley" infected Telstra, forcing them to shut down their systems for 2 hours.


Haines died of a heroin overdose in 1997, on his 21st birthday. At the time he was completing a science degree in Micro-Bioligy at the University of Queensland.

Memorial VirusEdit

In the wake of the incident, VLAD written an extremely complex Win32 virus called Memorial. It infects applications and MS-DOS applications and displays a message in rememberance.

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