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Claria Corporation (formerly known as Gator Corporation) was a media marketing software company based in Redwood City, California with products many considered spyware.

It was established in 1998 by Denis Coleman. Its name was often used interchangeably with its Gain advertising network, which it claimed serviced over 40 million users.

Claria exited the adware business at the end of second quarter 2006, and eventually shut down completely in October 2008. However, its software still remains installed on millions of PCs.


Originally released in 1999, Gator was most frequently installed together with programs being offered free of charge, such as Go!Zilla, or Kazaa. The development of these programs was partially funded by revenue from advertising displayed by Gator.

By mid-2003 Gator was installed on an estimated 35 million PCs.

Even though Gator was installed with an uninstall available via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel on Microsoft Windows, many spyware removal tools can also detect and remove it. Gator's end user license agreement attempts to disallow its manual removal by prohibiting "unauthorized means" of uninstallation.

Other ApplicationsEdit

Gator corporation released a suite of "free" Internet applications that performed various tasks. However, after installing the applications, a user would continually be shown ads from the Gain network, even when the programs were not running in the foreground. This suite included:

  • eWallet - a program that will automatically fill in personal information on webpages from a stored set of data entered by the user.
  • GotSmiley
  • Dashbar - an advertisement supported search toolbar by Claria. Intrusive in that it displays pop up ads during an Internet browsing session.
  • Date Manager
  • Precision Time
  • Screenscenes
  • Weatherscope
  • WebSecureAlert

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