Bulldog (also known as Happy Wheels) is a worm that spreads in networks. It is written in Batch.

The file containing the wormEdit

Like Loveletter, it hides the file extension. It pretends to be "Happy Wheels full version.exe" but it is actually "Happy Wheels full version.exe.bat".
Bulldog worm file

The file.


Hello txt


Once executed, the worm will:
  • It will overwrite some registry keys.
  • It will stop any antivirus program it finds.
  • It will open up many Google pages to lag and slow the computer.
  • It will scare the user saying "Virus found! Deleting all files".
  • It will change the title to "BULLDOG by TheMelissaBoy".
  • It will create a file called "hello.txt".

When the user reboots, it will corrupt files to make Windows unusable.

The text in Hello.txt is:

you have been infected with a worm. your hard drive will be erased and your computer will be unusable. Bulldog by TheMelissaBoy2013

Gallery Edit

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