Virus.Win32.Bee or Bee is a virus that runs on Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems.


Bee is a primitive companion Windows virus. While infecting it searches for executable files in the current directory, renames .EXE files with 3X3 extension and writes its code with the original name of infected file. The virus also copies its file to the Windows directory with the "C:\Windows\FastCache.exe" name.

The virus is able to spread via mIRC channel. To do that it overwrites the SCRIPT.INI file in the mIRC client directory and writes to there several instructions that send the infected EXE file to the channel.

The virus is the Windows32 PE executable program, but it is able to infect EXE files of any format (DOS, OS/2, Win16/32) - the virus pays no attention for that, and to return control to the host file,it executes it by WinExec system function. The virus has bugs and in some cases it copies files with wrong names.

If the virus is not able to locate the host "3X3" file to pass control to the original host program, it displays the message and exits to Windows:

Invalid call in shared memory 0x0cf689000.

On May 9 the virus creates the C:\LOGO.SYS file, writes an BMP image to there and displays the message:

Win32.3x3Eyes coded by Bumblebee[UC]
This is my 1st contribution to Ultimate Chaos team.
Gteetingz UC brothers!