Bargain Buddy is an adware program developed by Exact Advertising. Bargain Buddy [[1]] monitors Internet usage and displays advertisements based on the websites a user views. The software may also display ads for Exact Advertising programs such as FunGameDownloads and PhotoGizmo. [1]

Method of Infection/Variants

The program is downloaded as a [Helper Object] (BHO) as part of software bundles via the Internet, through free downloads such as games, wallpapers and screensavers. Bargain Buddy may also be known as CashBackBuddy, Bullseye Software, eXact Searchbar and NaviSearch. [2]

Affected Operating Systems

Bargain Buddy is only known to infect computers running Microsoft Windows, specifically integrating with the Internet Explorer web browser. The Windows 95-Server 2003 can get infected with this virus.

Symptoms of infection

In a typical installation, the following files are created: bbchk.exe & bargains.exe. The Registry is also modified so the software runs at system startup.[3]


Exact Advertising insists that users should only attempt to remove Bargain Buddy and other Exact Advertising products through the Add/Remove programs applet, in the Control Panel. Symantec has released a tool to help remove the program. It may also be removed by PC Tools Spyware Doctor, the Norton Family of Security products, and Spybot Search & Destroy[4]

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