Babylon Toolbar is a browser hijacker that will change the browser homepage and set the default search engine to It is also a form of which displays advertisements, sponsored links, and spurious paid search results. The program will collect search terms from your search queries.

Babylon's translation software prompts to add the Babylon Toolbar on installation. The toolbar also comes bundled as an add-on with other software downloads.

In 2011, the Cnet site started bundling the Babylon Toolbar with open-source packages such as Nmap. Gordon Lyon, the developer of Nmap, vented his anger online over the way the toolbar was tricked onto users.[3] The vice-president of, Sean Murphy, released an apology: The bundling of this software was a mistake on our part and we apologize to the user and developer communities for the unrest it caused.

Today, Babylon does no longer distribute any bundles with its software - the Babylon translator.