Virus.DOS.Avispa is a resident memory polymorphic virus. It runs on MS-DOS.

This virus has two variants:

  • Virus.DOS.Avispa.2048.a
  • Virus.DOS.Avispa.2048.b


These are dangerous memory resident parasitic polymorphic viruses. They hook INT 13h, 21h and write themselves to the end of EXE-files that are executed. On reading from disk sectors these viruses, depending on the system timer substitute the data buffer by the string:

$$ Virus AVISPA $$ Republica Argentina$$ Elijah Baley $$ Noviembre 10 de
1993 $$ This program is not an old virus variant, and it was written in
Argentina by Elijah Baley. It uses polymorphic technics to avoid
conventional scanning. $$ MENEM: Libertador de torturadores y asesinos de
inocentes, que Dios se apiade de tu po

These viruses contain the internal text string also:

__ Virus Avispa - Buenos Aires - Noviembre 1993 __

"Avispa.2048.b" contains the list of files that are infected on virus installation:



  • Avispa.2048.a (Kapersky Lab)
  • Avispa.2048.b (Kapersky Lab)
  • Virus: Avispa.dr (McAfee)
  • Avispa-E (Sophos)
  • DOS.Avispa.2048.A (ClamAV)
  • AVISPA (Panda)
  • Avispa.2048.E (FPROT)
  • Virus:DOS/Avispa_2048.E (MS(OneCare))
  • Avispa.2048 (DrWeb)
  • Avispa.A virus (Nod32)
  • Avispa.2048.E.Dropper (BitDef7)
  • Dropper.Avispa.A (VirusBuster)
  • Avispa-2048 (AVAST)
  • Virus.Dos.Avispa.2048.a (Ikarus)
  • Avispa.2048.A (NAV)
  • Avispa.A-E.2048 (Norman)
  • Avispa.2048.B (Rising)
  • Virus.DOS.Avispa.2048.a [AVP] (FSecure)
  • AVIS2048 (TrendMicro)
  • Dropper.Avispa.A (VirusBusterBeta)

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