Virus.Win32.Apathy.5378 or Apathy is a a harmless parasitic virus that runs on Microsoft Windows 32-bit Operating Systems.


Apathy replicates under Windows9x/NT and infects PE executable files. While infecting the virus moves the top of the file to its end and writes itself to the file top. It also corrects necessary fields in Resource table. To release control to the host program the virus creates its copy, disinfect and runs it.

The virus is "semi-resident": it does not hook any system events, but stays in the Windows memory, searches for .EXE files and infects them. Before infecting next file the virus "sleeps" for about 10 seconds. As a result the virus is of "direct infector" class, but it may stay in the memory for long time, depending on number of EXE files on the drive.

The virus contains the text strings:

Win32.Apathy by -b0z0/iKX-

i am nobody except genetic runaround