Alcopaul is a Filipino virus writer. He is known for being the author of Perrun, the first JPG virus which was profiled in antivirus sites and was talked about by the media in 2002, even profiled in Peter Szor's book "The Art of Computer Virus and Defense". During his early years, he mainly wrote his viruses in Visual Basic 6 and moved on to writing in .NET languages. His articles and viruses have been released in issues of rRlf, Batch Zone, PetiK, Black Cat Virus Group, 29a, Doomriderz, Dark-CodeZ, Brigada Ocho and Valhalla e-zines. He's been interviewed by the media and by those are in the scene alike. Currently, he put his virus activities on hold and devotes his time in music, social media, religion, mysticism, occult and gaming.


"Entretien avec alcopaul, auteur du virus Perrun" by Emmanuel Jud

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