Virus.DOS.Agiplan or AGI-Plan (Also known as Month 2-4[1]) is a Virus that runs on MS-DOS.


Agiplan is a very dangerous memory resident virus. AGI-Plan is related to the Zero Bug virus, as both it and AGI-Plan prepend 1,536 bytes to files they infect. It hits COM-files while they are loaded into memory. It can type "Load error". AGI-Plan is not initially damaging until several months after the initial infection, hence its name. After activation, AGI-Plan will begin to corrupt write operations, which results in slow, difficult-to-notice damage overtime.

AGI-Plan is notable for reappearing in South Africa in what appeared to be an intentional re-release several years after. AGI-Plan never succeeded in spreading significantly beyond the isolated incidents in Germany and South Africa.


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  1. Technical name of the virus, because the Computer Antivirus Research Organization (CARO) dictates that viruses should not be named after companies.