Trojan.Win32.Agent2.<variant name> or Agent2.<variant name> is a family of trojans designed to steal information present on the Hard Drive. However, one variant actually serves another function

Malware in this Family

  • Agent2.dmdi: Researched
  • Agent2.dmvt: Researched
  • Agent2.ddnd: Researched
  • Agent2.lmu: Researched
  • Agent2.dmuw: Researched
  • Agent2.cqok: Not researched
  • Agent2.cqol: Not researched
  • Agent2.cmry: Not researched
  • Agent2.ciir: Not researched
  • Agent2.kxb: Not researched
  • Agent2.kln: Not researched
  • Agent2.ejm: Not researched
  • Agent2.dtb: Researched
  • Agent2.dbw: Not researched

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