Adware:Win32/Playmp3z may display advertisements in connection with the use of a "free music player" from the site ''.This adware is part of the Agent family.


  • BrowsingAdvisor
  • BrowsingEnhancer
  • BrowsingProgram
  • BrowsingSoftware
  • BrowsingTool
  • ContextAdvisor
  • ContextEnhancer
  • ContextProgram
  • ContextTool
  • ErrorsTool
  • FBrowsingAdvisor
  • IntelligentAdvisor
  • InternetProgram
  • InternetSoftware
  • NavigationAdvisor
  • NavigationEnhancer
  • NavigationProgram
  • NavigationTool
  • PlayMP3
  • SmartEnhancer
  • StatsTool
  • SurfingAdvisor


  • Adware:Win32/Playmp3z(Microsoft Security Essentials)
  • Win32/Adware.PlayMP3Z (ESET)                           
  • not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent.zk (Kaspersky)
  • W32/Agent.EFDB (Norman)                           
  • Adware.Agent.gen (Sunbelt Software)

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