AdwCleaner is an anti-adware program developed by Malwarebytes, and for versions prior to v6.030, by the Xplode development team. The user may scan the system for shortcuts, registry keys, and malicious browser extensions. It may also detect bloatware and other PUPs such as Ebay links on the desktop. In general, this program tries to remove adware programs.

Since v6.030, the software is owned by Malwarebytes. The official download site has also been created on the Malwarebytes website, although the ToolsLib and Bleeping Computer download sites continue to work to this day.

However, there is a clone of this antivirus of the same name that is a rogue and contains malware, and forces the user to pay for adware removal.

As of August 16, 2017, the software has been downloaded over 179 million times at ToolsLib and about 49 million at Bleeping Computer. Each week, it gets downloaded over 800,000 times on average.

Gallery Edit

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