Acai is a scam which is similiar to (and could be a variant of) Workhomedream, but it links to an ad for fake diet pills instead of a work-from-home site.

It posts the following on the user's Facebook Timeline without the user's permission:

“Successfully results in this particular health solution.”

Acari scam

Then, there is a follow-up post:

“The link, hehe.. (link removed).”

There are two postings in order to add some kind of realism. Most automated bogus messages wouldn't forget the link in the first place and only humans would rush to correct their error with comments saying "hehe."

The URL redirects to an image with an URL similiar to this: [hexdigits].my.test/[letters]/image_[hexdigits].jpeg

However, there is code in this image that redirects it to a fake news site (these are popular with scammers).

If the user clicks through to the buy page and check the very limited disclaimers and FAQs there, the user can find that the product only helps the user lose weight if the user combines it with a diet specifically designed to make the user do so.