Virus.DOS.ADI or ADI (Advanced Disk Infector) is a virus that runs on MS-DOS.


ADI is a memory resident encrypted parasitic virus. It writes itself onto the end of .COM files. While infecting a file the virus encrypt not only its code, but the whole content of a file. The viruses have bugs and may halt the system while infecting a file.

When an infected file is executed, the virus decrypts itself, hooks onto INT 22h (DOS Terminate call), returns control to the host program, waits for termination call, then hooks INT 8, 1Ch, 21h, 24h. The timer interruptions (INT 8, 1Ch) are used by the virus to disable tracing and debugging. INT 21h is used to intercept access to .COM files.

The viruses use several levels of anti-debugging tricks.

It also contains this text string:

(c) Beast. Advanced Disk Infector. [ADinf v1.5]


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