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Info Edit is a website that is known to contain malware of all sorts. Though some people call this the most dangerous website on the internet, its relative obscurity combined with the fact that many sites do the exact same thing suggest that that statement is pure hyperbole. Norton Safeweb has analyzed it as a threat, but not a prominent one, and the community gives it a 1.1/5.0 on a danger scale. The community appears to mostly have given their review from secondary sources. However, if the user is using newer versions of Chrome on newer versions of Windows, it will automatically block the website. On older web browsers, the site cannot be accessed. The only way the website can be accessed is if all security protection in the browser is shut off by the user.

It is unknown what this website is exactly. It appears to be an advertising website, as the luring links look like they are advertising something. It is also not known where the website comes from, all though it is most likely China, due to the link ".cn", which is the main website address of China.

Payload Edit

When the user is lured, if a user would click on a link, the user will be infected with viruses, PUPs, and other potential malware, however, antiviruses may easily delete these viruses.

Gallery Edit

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