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360 Total Security is a popular antivirus.

Features Edit

360 Total Security provides many features, such as:

  • Virus Scanning with Multiple Scan Engines
    • 360 Cloud Scan Engine (signature database)
    • System Repair Engine (scans for system anomalies and issues)
    • QVMII AI Engine (heuristic engine)
    • BitDefender and Avira scan engine integration
  • WiFi Scanning (scans to protect WiFi)
  • Cleanup (cleans up junk files)
  • Speedup (speeds up boot time, optimizes network, and optimizes scheduled apps)
  • Game Booster (speeds up games by cleaning RAM)
  • Sandbox (allows unknown programs to be run in an isolated space)
  • Registry Clenaer (cleans out registry)
  • Browser Protection (protects browser from malicious websites)
  • Patch Up (updates software to protect from vulnerabilities)
  • System Backup Cleaner (cleans out old backups)
  • Disk Compression Beta (compresses files to increase space on PC)

Patch Up tool

It also has some other separate programs, such as:

  • 360 TurboVPN (encrypts connection with servers in 20 locations across 18 countries)
  • Firewall (uses GlassWire Firewall)
  • Ransomware Decryptor

    Ransomware Decryptor tool

360 Security Edit

360 Security is another antivirus, created for tablet/smartphone devices. Unlike its PC counterpart, this antivirus was delevoped by another company. It shares some of its features with 360 Total Security, but, some features resident in 360 Total Security were deleted, and some features added in 360 Security aren't resident in 360 Total Security.

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