The 1970 iPhone Bug was a bug similar to Fontal in iOS 8.x and 9.x that prevents your iPhone from turning on after restarting, as it will constantly reboot. This issue does not appear in iOS 7 or earlier, and only affects iPhone 5S and higher (it does not affect iPhone SE or higher, as it comes with iOS 9.3 pre-installed) and iPad Air/Mini 2 (64-bit devices). However it is not considered malware, but a bug. This can destroy and completely brick your iPhone and make it useless, or even worse.

If you set your iPhone's time to 1970 or earlier, it would make your phone fail to turn on. However, it was fixed in iOS 9.3, although it can still be obtained by setting your internet to 1970.

Origins Edit

The 1970 iPhone Bug is a mobile bug that can severely damage your phone. This bug was discovered on iOS 9.2.1 in 4chan. When this bug was found, there was a picture telling people to set their iPhone date to 1970 (notorious months are January and May) for an "easter egg" (which was false as Apple wasn't a company until 1976). However, this was an "Internet Troll" of a joke, so when you do this, it makes your iPhone useless to boot until you update it or get it fixed.


There are two ways to fix this - by either taking it to the Apple Store and letting them fix it or by removing the battery connection on the phone and then waiting 30 seconds before reconnecting (this will revert the time to normal). Restoring the device does not work. It can also be fixed by upgrading to iOS 9.3. and up.

References Edit

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