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How i create a Virus?

guys please help how to create a virus?
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Please, first of all, notice that writing a virus is not a simple task for beginners. You must learn programming language and understand simple programming algorithms. You're pretty young, so I suppose your head can't take those all. You'll need a lot of practice.
i'm not young! i'm adult 18 year old! Sure you are
just search on YT.
although thatts not to reliable you can create small ones...
You can make a scareware in notepad.
Step 1. get a website.
Step 2. throw coding at a wall until you find something that can crash a computer.
Step 3. Put the virus into a program.
Step 4. Disguise your website. (Good ideas are: Weight loss tips, Browser toys, and Video downloaders.)
Step 5. Put the virus into a large button on the website.
Step 6. Congratulations!!! You are the worst!!!