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• 6/24/2017

How i create a Virus?

guys please help how to create a virus?
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• 9/4/2017
Please, first of all, notice that writing a virus is not a simple task for beginners. You must learn programming language and understand simple programming algorithms. You're pretty young, so I suppose your head can't take those all. You'll need a lot of practice.
• 9/4/2017
i'm not young! i'm adult 18 year old!
• 9/6/2017 Sure you are
• 10/22/2017
just search on YT.
although thatts not to reliable you can create small ones...
• 12/2/2017
You can make a scareware in notepad.
• 12/15/2017
Step 1. get a website.
Step 2. throw coding at a wall until you find something that can crash a computer.
Step 3. Put the virus into a program.
Step 4. Disguise your website. (Good ideas are: Weight loss tips, Browser toys, and Video downloaders.)
Step 5. Put the virus into a large button on the website.
Step 6. Congratulations!!! You are the worst!!!
• 8/4/2018
that is illegal btw
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