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easeus malware?

So awhile ago i got easeus and it was trash and demanded i get a pay version so i uninstalled it. But after uninstall it was sticky and left files that would auto-open my browser and ask that i give them my e-mail, even after i waited for the auto-open timer to end it would keep on resting the timer. Once i looked around in my program files i found the sticky files in easeus folder. To my horror i could not shred it with McAfee but i could delete it and empty recycle bin. Also anti viruses don't seem to detect easeus as malware or as a pup despite it's behaviors. Other people seem to have had the same experiences as me, except the fact that easeus installed malware and pups, such as OpenCandy and a fake yahoo! toolbar that changes a users homepage to a fake yahoo! site that downlodes more malware.

Oh i forgot to mention that all of these people ( including me ) were using the free trial version.

Anyway should easeus have a page here?

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hack with CMD

at least give me a basic tutorial using CMD to hack a network....

;) ;) ;)
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CMD for hack

can you help for use CMD for hack..???
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Malware Bloatware

Is there any bloatware that's also malware?
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Hello im new

Look at my Profile to know more
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Did browser hijackers redirect user to Tech support scams?

If a user installs a malicious Browser extension, Browser hijacker will redirect to Tech support scams and then locks user's computer. Is tech support scams are dangerous?
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What happened to Discord server?

This Discord server appears to be no longer use.
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Can chromebooks get PUPs?

As I surf through the Internet on a Chromebook. It doesn't seem to be very slow at all. PUPs slows down computers. Chromebooks are computers too. I just need to know if it can get pups.
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My computer keeps getting PUPs even if I'm not on the internet

We get pups from the Internet normally. My computer keeps getting pups even i'm not on the internet.
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Potential New PUP?

The thing is called Red Shell, it operates like old WildTangent did, it collects personal data without the user's knowledge or consent.

I would write the article but I really am rubbish at grammar and such. This particular PUP/Spyware has caused quite an uproar in the gaming community after some rather unethical devs included it in their software, and now there is a whole community dedicated to tracking the stuff down which I will link below.
r/Steam - [PSA] RED SHELL Spyware - "Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!" integrated and removed it after complaints
r/Steam - [PSA] RED SHELL Spyware - "Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!" integrated and removed it after complaints reddit
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Did Xbox one has malware?

Youtubers think that Xbox one might have malware. But recently i saw bonzibuddy on Xbox one on
Bonzi Buddy Is Now On Xbox One! 😱🙊
Bonzi Buddy Is Now On Xbox One! 😱🙊 YouTube
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Melissa Virus

Dont visit the website or else the FREAKING DISTURBING POP-UPS IS GONNA SHOW UP ok plz investigate the script inserted at website here goes the story:I was chatting with my members at discord then someone got angry to me and i dont know why then here it comes he said click this button no registration go do it and i got some phising scammers at my gmail said Hello im searching for hot caucasian guy thats 28 years old text me at my email i didnt do it ok heres the link to melissa virus PLZ DONT ENTER BAD SHIT DONT COPY AND GO
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what if free R$ was real? And you got robux from it and no surveys?

Would it help noobs? Or destroy them?
  • Yes. It will help noobs.
  • No. It won't help noobs.
  • I don't know./prefer not to answer.
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Diet Pills scams are scams

We just guessed that Diet pill scams are scams which steals money when a user signed up for free trial. Don't fall for diet pill scams.
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Where are those malware wiki Fandom badges?

Well but the fandom badges got removed forever :(. So the developers of Fandom removed badges features.
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I need harmless viruses for my YouTube videos
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Malware Wiki discord link expired

Can I get a new invite link, I would really like to join the server but the one on the home page is expired.
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hack game

guys please help how to create a application
for hack game online...
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¿Its Eset NOD32 a free antivirus?

I want to know if it has protection after the license expire, and if its considered a free antivirus.
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Debit and credit cards Under Threat of Cloning

An IT center of Delhi-NCR, is ending up vulnerable target of cyber criminals as a few cases relating to ATM cloning done by the process of skimming, online extortion and mobile banking scam Read full news :-
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